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What Pastel Paper should I use?

In this video I talk about the different pastel papers that you can use especially for mixed media projects for example coloured pencil and pastels. There are so many papers out there, which do you invest in? The papers I talk about are the ones that I have experience with.

The Pastel papers I used are the following:

Mi- Teintes 160gsm 50% cotton By Canson

Pastellfix 170gsm 45% cotton By Hahnemuhle

Pastelcard 360gsm By Sennelier

Pastelmat 360gsm By Clairfontaine

Sketch Pastel 130gsm 100% cotton By Hahnemuhle

Bristol Smooth by Fabriano 250gsm

Cold press paper 300gsm with Colourfix Primer By Art Spectrum (colour Aubergine)

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