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Chrissy Murray in the Works

Painting and Drawing in Australia



Welcome and thank you for stopping by to view my work.


What does one say when wanting to express oneself artistically? This is a continuing collection of work which is very raw in ideas and vision, but a passion none the less that has been inside since a child.


Very much an amateur artist trying different mediums, such as oils, pastels, charcoal, watercolour pencils and fine artist pencils.


My inspiration is derived from all kinds of sources and places, some examples are the Australian outback and the lovely coastlines of Australia, which are my happy places. Also, my motivation could come from a photograph that I have taken, an image that has caught my eye, or something I have dreamt.


Please feel free to browse my work and feedback is always welcome.


I take commissions, please contact me by email to discuss details. 


If you have questions please email me on



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